I would like to thank my family; all the people who voted for me to be your next Village President; all the people who donated time, money and effort to my campaign; all the people who participated in any way in the election process and my opponents. 

 It is a difficult and time consuming process … often times not much fun. We have a great community.  But we can’t do it alone. I call on the talented and resourceful residents of Lake Zurich to join in the process. This election brought out new folks with new energy, new ideas and a new willingness to get involved. All that PLUS Your  election of me, Jim Beaudoin, Dan Stanovich, Jeff Halen and Mark Loewes will get us “POYNTON in the Right Direction.

”Thank you for electing me as your new Village President.

Tom Poynton


Seven More Reasons to Vote for Tom Poynton

P rotecting the best interests of Lake Zurich

O bjecting to politicians and their loss of focus on serving the community

Y earning for a better Lake Zurich

N egating the lack of development over the last 10 years

T uring the page on yesterday’s failures

O vercoming apathy to change

N ow is the time to take action and VOTE!!!

I hope everyone has a great week. Drag someone in the voting booth with you.. Remember we have school boards and Ela Township positions we are voting for. A lot of changes and challenges ahead…I hope you take the time to vote.




I am appealing for your vote on Tuesday April 9th.

Vote for INDEPENDENT Candidates for Village President and Trustee … THEY have only YOUR best interests as their motivation.

Listed below are several sources of information on my campaign for Lake Zurich Village President.
Twitter: @trusteetom

I have been referred to as “emotional”. You know, I can’t disagree with that. I am “emotional”; and I am direct and occasionally that will get anyone, including me in trouble. I am “emotional” when I see lazy politicians not doing the job that they said they would do when elected. I am “emotional” when I continue to hear weak excuses for not getting things done. I am “emotional” when I see a stagnant downtown further rotting daily; I am “emotional” when I consider that in almost 12 years of a TIF the core downtown area still is a blank canvass; I am “emotional” when I pay taxes and see my hard earned money being wasted; I am “emotional” when I watch small minded local politicians gum up the works with their ineptness, petty power politics and self-interests; I am “emotional” when I drive by garbage laying in the street and wonder why somebody threw it there and why nobody picked it up; I am “emotional” when I witness continued political incompetence. I am “emotional when I continue to have smoke being blown up my pant leg.

YES! I am “emotional” and I am passionate about this community and I am fiery, and I am EXACTLY what this community needs to get its collective butt moving to make this a better community. I do not apologize for that “emotion”.

16 Reasons why I , Tom Poynton, should be the Village President of Lake Zurich:

1. If you attend or watch the Board meetings it should be abundantly clear to you that I have consistently taken the leadership role that has been woefully lacking from the mayor’s office for the past 4 years. I will continue to provide that leadership at an even higher level if I am elected.
2. I am a critical thinking and decisive problem solver who is action oriented. I am not a micro manager. I do trust but I also verify.
3. I will work collaboratively and respectfully with ANY and All of the Trustee candidates running for election.
4. I will communicate with ALL trustees … not just one or two who might agree with me. This is particularly important with the potentially large number of new trustees who will need a strong leader, guidance and encouragement to participate.
5. If I have an “issue” with trustees I will work to resolve it as I have always attempted to do.
6. I find it interesting that the current mayor takes credit for “accomplishments “ that she didn’t accomplish and in some important issues she actually impeded progress. I do not impede progress.
7. I also find it interesting that the current mayor is on her fourth set of political “playmates”. Can all the past playmates be wrong?
8. I will increase the emphasis on developing our downtown and increasing our economic vitality village-wide. (See my Web site for my economic plan:
9. Six years of “conflict of interest”, four of them in the mayor’s office, are enough; because of that we have fallen further behind other communities.
10. I have NO “conflicts of interest”. I am fully engaged.
11. I have no personal agendas.
12. I will NEVER sue the village for my own personal gain or any other reason.
13. I will continue working to provide an affordable and sustainable balanced budget. (I wrote the Village’s Budget Guiding Principles and I have long been a supporter of an Organizational Review, Balanced Budget, Capital Improvement Plan and Strategic Plan)
14. I will create a government atmosphere that gives residents confidence, increases customer service and is consistent and predictable to both residents and businesses.
15. I will work to increase public participation in the governance of Lake Zurich.
16. I believe that my leadership, experience and community involvement as well as my focus, energy and willingness to do the necessary due diligence, makes me the best and most viable candidate. I have always been willing to take control and be responsive to and responsible for all of Lake Zurich.
As Village President MY administration will be proactive not reactive. It will be inclusive and not exclusive. I work to get things done. I don’t wait and hope for things to happen. My opinions are rooted in common sense and the pragmatic application of the residents will. I will lead with informed and learned knowledge. I will not blindly follow and hope for the best. You will know what my position and opinion is because I will express it with my statements and I will seek to give you an answer to every question.

Thank You for your consideration. Please vote for me and the Independent Trustee candidates. We are your BEST CHOICE!

Tom Poynton, Independent Candidate for Village President

NOTICE: The Campaign Lawn Sign Thieves Have Struck

To My Supporters:
It seems that the Independent Candidates, me personally and Trustees, have been hit by the “sign” thieves.
I personally have lost 52 lawn signs in the past week throughout the village. I’m assuming that they either just vanished into thin air or were stolen. I expect others to disappear.
This is a phenomenon that hits some local elections, as childish as that may seem. FYI: In the 2011 Trustee election I lost over 100 lawn signs.

As an independent candidate with limited funds I will be unable to purchase any additional signs. I appreciate the support that you have given me. I apologize that I will be unable to replace all the “missing” signs (or any future missing signs) due to a dwindling supply.

Thank you for your continued support. Don’t forget to vote on April 9th.

Tom Poynton
Candidate for Lake Zurich Village President.

Lake Zurich Patch Questionaire Response

Lake Zurich Patch has requested that all candidates for elected office respond to an informational questionaire to be published in Lake Zurich Patch. Click on the link below to see my response to their questions.

Follow Tom’s Campaign on Facebook and Twitter

Follow Tom’s Campaign on Facebook and Twitter.

On Facebook at:

On Twitter at:  @trusteetom



Thanks to all of you who stopped by the Independent Candidates Booth at the LZACC EXPO yesterday at the High School.
We met you and we listened to your concerns;  we chatted and we exchanged ideas with residents and business owners for six non-stop hours!!
We have been buoyed by your support and vindicated that we are on the right path to getting Lake Zurich “POYNTON” in the Right Direction!